Kapua Eco Coffin

The Kapua coffin project was a collaboration between myself and Return to Sender. The purpose of the project was to create an eco friendly coffin, while focusing on reducing production costs in order to make eco coffins a more accessible option for families when choosing a coffin for their loved ones . The current funeral industry is highly dictated by the funeral directors. They prefer to use traditional coffins because it’s what they know and they gain the most profit off these types. The problem is that these coffins are highly toxic, they are constructed from veneer covered MDF, plastic handles and polyester linings. The Kapua coffin is made from 100% natural, sustainable resources. Allowing the body to be returned full circle without leaching nasty chemicals or toxins into the earth. The base of the coffin is CNC routed out of one sheet of PEFC certified plywood and is quickly assembled together using a series of slots and rebates. The low sides and built in handles means the family can spend quality time with the body before the ceremony. The lid is 3D knitted out of one piece of pure New Zealand wool, the knitting process allows the woolen top to be simply slotted over the internal lid frame (much like a fitted sheet), allowing the family to choose a colour and pattern which best represents the deceased.

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